I was hired to work in "Black Engel Mine" in Maarmorilik, Greenland in the 1970'ies

Maarmorilik meens "The place with marple".


Below pictures from that time, - click if you want to see them them bigger.

The Scandinavian Airlines flight 291
just arrived from Copenhagen to
Sonder Strom

Sikorsky S-61 helikopter in Sonder Strom

Sonder Strom

Jacobshavn - Ilullisat town from my hotel-room in  "Hotel Hvide Falck" 24.  january 1976

Maarmorilik seen from the air

Black Angel Qaamarujuk-fiord

The minetown of Maarmorilik
seen from a helicopter

The old Caple-car or the hoist up to the
mine, the two guys are Asger og Bengt

My self as cable-car operator in 1977


Otto Kongerslev


Vilfred "Garaventa" Jensen

9_frokoststuen.jpg (120032 byte)

Black Angel mountain

With the old person cable-car
on the way up to the mine


One of the lunchroom in the
mine on 600 meter-level

10_paa%20vej%20ind%20i%20minen[1].jpg (121560 byte)

Drift  3 in Angel Zone on 600
meter level - again Asger and Bengt

Drift 2 in Angel Zone to the left one af ours warehouses and behind the wod'en wall is our  "First-Aid"

Miners on job in the mine

11_malmbanen[1].jpg (130612 byte)

The new Person-cable car, built on the outside of one of the ore-containers

The new Person-cable car again

The new Person-cable car ready for passengers


for-foden-af-englen_b.gif (63293 byte)

Bottum of the Angel-Mountan

The fiord seen from  Maamorilik
a day in the vinter

From our CX-store

Midsummer 1979 Midsummer 1979 Midsummer 1979 
Midsummer 1979 Midsummer 1979 Midsummer 1979 
Midsummer 1979 Midsummer 1979 Midsummer 1979 
Midsummer 1979  Midsummer 1979 Midsummer 1979 

Midsummer 1979

Dance on the fleed midsummer 1979

"Sniger Hans" and I (sitting) on a train in the mine 1978

We are getting older:
Here you see "Sniger Hans" august 25 2007.

From our mess it is the cheff
Erik Skarvil you can se - easter lunch

Easter 1976 - what a mass of food

ordinary lunch at the mess

Christmas 1976 - cake, bisquits,
candy, fruit and everything you like

Bunkhouse 7 where I
have my appartement

From my living room in BH 7 - 1

helikopter lander i marmorilik.jpg (118683 byte)

My living room in BH 7 - 2

My living room in BH 7 - 3

Sikorsky-S58 landing in Maarmorilik,

Roar Melhuus sendt me the pictures below  ( Click to entlarge )
Grizzleyen (The Stonepicker) on 600 meter niveau Nearest the camera Martin,
to the left (with glasses) Hans Løvstrøm
Tapio Tapsa-Torsa

Willy Kjærgaard
The old togboat "Sorte Engel" Placing the dynamit
Miner Joe Christersson Jonas is placing the fuses Ole and Jonas ignite the fuses
We are waiting for the blast "Sorte Engel" is history
Chef mechanic Bernie Schultz Bernie in deep koncentration in CZ-Shoppen Ernst "the Electician" and Matti Jærvele
From the left John Malmer, Ernst "Bosse" Eriksson,
Torild Möller and Vaino Mastokangas
Kiwi working on a ST-5 Scooptramp in the CZ-shop From the left: Pink Panter and Roar Melhuus


George Cassavant og Roar Melhuus Roar Arild Melhuus summer 2007  Göran Kullman, Erik Sprunk-Jansen
and Jørgen Graversen
Göran Kullman and his wife Hans Kristiansen, Ulla,
Kaj Degermann and
Bertil Karlsson
Ulla Bachmann 

Below, what a Jumbo drillmachine look like in 2007, here in aktion in a tunnel in southern Norway     "Tamrock Axera T11"

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